Tuesday, August 11, 2015

36 Week Check Up

Had our 36 week check up. Things went well! I'm actually dilated 1-2cm and 50% effaced. I'm ready to go whenever though really...I'm pretty uncomfortable. Our appointments are every week now though so maybe next Tuesday I will have progressed even more. We shall see! Induction date is still set for August 30th, I'm wondering if I'll actually make it until then though..
It's really amazing to think the journey is almost over. I'm so excited for my IP's and excited for my family as well. We can get back to normal and I can do things I haven't been able to do while pregnant!
We also had our meeting with the staff at Copley. Things went really well, hopefully the birth goes smoothly and there aren't too many issues once we're there. Everyone there has been so helpful so far so I'm looking forward to the experience!  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Nearing the end...

Its actually bittersweet. We're nearing the end of the pregnancy, time has really flown by so quickly. Today we're at 33 weeks, the doctor appointments have now gone down to every 2 weeks and after one more appointment we will be down to once a week.
At this last appointment this week I wanted to make sure my doctor would be around Labor day weekend since that's technically when I'm due. Well...she won't be, the doctor who is on call that weekend is the doctor who delivered Gianna, I didn't care too much for her...SO..my doctor said if we wanted we could schedule an induction date.
So we DID!!!!! The big day (if he doesn't come earlier) is going to be August 30th. The IM actually squealed a little bit when she scheduled it. Lol We were just going to let things happen on their own and who knows, maybe they will. But given our situation I would really like my doctor to be there since she's been there with us from the beginning. I'm happy to have an end date but yet a little sad the journey will be over. Its been an incredible journey and I wouldn't have wanted anything different. I've been blessed and changed through this journey and I'm looking forward to doing just one more in a year or so.
Hard to believe this little guy will be here in 6 weeks or less :) 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bump Updates

It's been a while, so I apologize. Things have been going great. I figured I would just combine some of my bump pictures in this one post since it's been a while since I've updated my blog. Things have been going great, I'll be 28 weeks in a few days and time has just been FLYING! Took my glucose test last week, I passed! YAY :) I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, I believe that's when I'll get the Rogham shot, not looking forward to that, didn't have to have it with my own pregnancies but hey, what's another needle lol Feeling some pain in my lower belly and lower back which is normal, everything else has been great so far! Can't believe we have almost 12 weeks left! So excited!


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Its a BOY!!!

It's a boy for the IP's!!!!!
She was so excited!! Everything measured right on track and everything was good to go. He was moving around like crazy but we got some good pictures and Mommy was there to see her little guy!
We're now half way there and we're so happy things are going so great! After seeing the look on my IM's face, I knew this was why I wanted to be a surrogate. It was such a great feeling to know he is growing just right and moving around as healthy as he could be!

Friday, March 27, 2015

16 Weeks


So far things are going great! Looking forward to our ultrasound in the middle of April. It can't get here soon enough! Had my 16 week appointment last week and heartbeat was strong at 154. IM was able to be there and recorded it. She text me days later saying she's listened to it every day :) I'm so excited for them! Things really couldn't be any better. Feeling pretty good, nausea has gone away and I don't feel like I have to eat and eat all the time.
Cravings lately have been strawberries and tacos. I could eat those 2 things everyday if I was able to! lol 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

First Trimester Scan

Had the first trimester ultrasound to test for downs and trisomy syndromes. Its covered under my insurance and if the IP's can be prepared if there is something wrong then we figured, why not?? It all went well. IM wasn't able to make it due to the weather but I was able to send her lots of pics the tech took. :)
Baby B wasn't cooperating much at the end, had to empty my bladder and the tech then tried to do some measurements but baby was pretty content in his position for a while. It was funny. All organs are working as they should and baby was moving around a bit, we even got a little wave, with all five fingers, it was cute. :)
We get to go back at 20 weeks for another ultrasound to make sure everything else looks great! :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

First appointment

Had my first appointment at my ob's office. Was just with the nurse. She was able to hear the heartbeat though, which was great, going strong at 167.
Apparently there is a new thing where you can have a 1st trimester ultrasound so I signed up for that. We get to see the little bean this coming Tuesday and my IM is able to be there!! Then we won't have another ultrasound until about 20 weeks which seems so far away!
My actual appointment with my ob isn't until the 24th but I'm excited to see her, its been a while :)
As for a bump, there's a small one! I'm that in between stage where I just feel like I'm bloated and gaining weight and not looking like I'm pregnant, haha. Im only weighing in at 124 though so I was happy about that! Don't mind me in my comfy pjs, this picture was when I was 10w3d and I'm now 11w2d but I haven't taken an updated pic yet.
One really awesome thing is I'm off meds!!! YAY!!!!